2023 Speechelo Review and Alternatives [+Coupon Code]

In this blog post, I provide a thorough Speechelo review for 2023. I also compare Speechelo vs Speechelo Pro and also to some Speechelo alternatives.

The bottom line: if you want a fast and affordable way to create human-sounding voice-overs for your videos from written text, Speechelo will enable you to do so. While the voices I tested don’t match human voices 100%, they do sound very human-like, for a fraction of the cost of what you would pay a professional announcer.

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Create the Best Content You Can

As creators, you should aim to create the very best blog posts, images, and videos that you possibly can. This holds true for every piece of content you create, every time, without exception.




First of all, it makes for a better user experience for the consumers of your content [i.e., readers, viewers, subscribers, customers, etc.]. Second, Google, YouTube, and other search engines have actually gotten smart enough to reward quality content. This means you’ll rank better and ahead of lower quality creative.


In blogging, adding charts, videos, infographics, tables, and other helpful videos help to bring your content to the next level.


One way, you can level-up your video content is by adding a professional sounding voiceover. Doesn’t that sound cool?


What’s that, you say? It sounds expensive?




I don’t know about you but as cool as having Bob-Barker-like voiceovers sound, shelling out $500 or $1000 to pay a professional announcer to read a video script sounds, ahem, a bit cost-prohibitive.


What if I were to tell you there is a way that you can get professional sounding voiceovers for your videos automatically from content that you write. AND the software that enables you to do so is super affordable to boot!


There is. It’s a new ai Cloud-based software service called Speechelo.


Speechelo Review: What is Speechelo?



Speechelo is cloud-based text-to-speech software that auto-generates human-sounding voiceovers on-demand from text.


It comes in two editions Standard and Pro; the Standard edition features 30 different sounding voices, where Pro has 171 voices, 40 background music tracks, and it enables you to create longer voiceovers.


There are some additional differences as well.


I will breakdown the differences between the two versions in more detail below.



Speechelo Standard Features

Here are the main features of Speechelo Standard Edition. I will break down the additional features you get with the Pro Edition below further down in my Speechelo review.

  • 30+ human-sounding Voices: You get to choose from 30 natural voices, both male and female, in various languages!

  • 3 Different Voice Tones: Sometimes you need a serious tone other times you need a more joyful tone for your voiceovers, with Speechelo Text can be read in three different tones: normal tone, joyful tone, or serious tone.

  • Voice Inflections: Speechelo is the only text-to-speech engine that adds inflections in the voice

  • Online Text Editor: Their A.I. engine will check your text and will add all the punctuation marks needed to make the speech sound natural.

  • Breathing & Pauses: You can add breathing sounds, longer pauses after each phrase (or you can let Speechelo’s A.I. engine decide when to add breathing sounds or pauses)

  • 23 Languages: Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh – get even more with Pro

  • Change Speed & Pitch: You full customization control in Speechelo

  • No-Risk: Generous 60-day money-back guarantee


How Does Speechelo Work?

You can literally create video voice overs in just three clicks.


Click 1 – Paste text

Paste the text you want to be transformed into Speechelo’s online text editor.


Click 2 – Choose a Voice

Choose the language and voice you would like for the voiceover.


Note: They have male, female and even a child’s voice from which you can choose.


Click 3 – Generate

Click Generate, within five seconds your voiceover is ready to be downloaded.


You can also choose to add breathing, emphasize certain words, adjust pitch and tone etc. Alternatively, you can leverage Speechelo’s AI to do it for you automatically (not available for all languages).


I like using the default English voice and the AI together for a more human-sounding voice.

The default British voices are pretty cool too.


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Are there any Speechelo Alternatives?

Yes, in researching this Speecheolo review article I was actually quite surprised at the sheer number of options that are available for text to voice. However, after surveying a number of solutions the majority of these do not sound as human-like as Speechelo in my opinion and many have hidden costs.


Also, the number of voices and languages is much more limited than Speechelo.


Here is a summary of my survey of Speechelo alternatives:


Watson from IBM

While Watson sounds a bit more human-like than Speechelo (or any other program I tested), the interface seems to struggle a bit even playing their short demo. Also, the pricing plan of x characters per month is confusing if not misleading. You can’t “customize” anything with the free lite plan and it is unclear what you get with the paid plan.


IBM says the Lite plan gets you started with 10,000 characters per month at no cost. That’s characters not words, mind you. So that could get gobbled up real quick. What really puts me off is this statement: “When you upgrade to a paid plan, you will get access to Customization capabilities.”

Say what?

It is a solid sounding AI though for sure.



There is a free version available with one or two voices but sounds very robotic, also requires you to download and install software on your PC (no Cloud or Mac option)

Natural Reader

The female voice I tested sounds more human-like than Balabolka but not as natural as Speechelo. Plus, you need to upgrade to a premium monthly or annual plan in order to save your audio files as mp3s.

Panopreter Basic

This “no-frills text to speech tool” just looks like spam to me, so much so that I was afraid to download and install it for fear of catching a virus! Suggest you stay away too.

Zabaware Text-to-speech Reader

This tool converts text from the clipboard and provides both mp3 and WAV exports, but again like with the other products I tested the voices sound more robotic than Speechelo. You can see for yourself over here.


Additional Options

Yes there are also other options that are both free and paid. Techradar has a decent summary of the “free” ones here (although they all try to upsell you to a premium version).

Next up in my Speechelo Review, let’s take a look at the bottom line – the price!

Speechelo Pricing: Where To Buy

Speechelo is super affordable right now for a limited time to the company’s first 1000 customers.

The company ultimately plans to move to a subscription-based pricing model. You know the kind where you pay a monthly fee for the rights to access the software via the web. I’m not a fan of these types of pay as you go services.

However, as of this writing and for a limited time, the company is still offering a steep discount on the software to its first 1,000 customers for a ONE TIME $47 FEE. Cool. This is pretty crazy seeing that you would need to pay significantly more to outsource a voiceover a single video.

So, I would say grab it now if you can!

You can see if the sale is still going on by clicking on the link below.


👉Get Speechelo for Just $47


Oh, and read on until the end of this post for my hack that may get you an additional $10 off.

Is there a Speechelo Demo Available?

Here are a few solid demos that I found out on YouTube.

This is Speechelos main ad spot and previews a few of the best voices.



This is a detailed review and demo by an affiliate.


Marty Englander

Another affiliate review.


Speechelo vs Speechelo Pro

Here are the main differences between Speechelo vs Speechelo Pro.

Speechelo Pro Version Features

The Pro version really does have some compelling options vs the Standard edition, although the standard edition may be enough for most videos.

  • 100+ More VOICES: As if the 30 human-sounding voices in 23 languages weren’t enough, in the PRO version, we TRIPLE the number of voices that you get to 171 total!

  • Campaign Support: In order to work efficiently, you need to keep things organized! In the pro version you’ll be able to create new campaigns for each project or for each client that you sign.

  • Multi-Person Voiceovers: Using two or more voices in your videos is proven to make people more engaged in what you have to say. In the PRO version, you unlock the “MERGE” function, which will allow you to use multiple voices in a single voiceover.

  • Create Longer Voiceovers: With the standard version of Speechelo your voiceovers can’t have more than 700 words per voiceover. But when you upgrade to Speechelo Pro, you create 4x length per voiceover!

  • 40 Background Music Tracks: Pro comes with a wide variety of genres of music, from cinematic tracks to joyful tracks to motivational music.

  • Commercial License: Create your own business or side hustle by selling voiceovers you create. Keep all the money and all the profits!

  • BONUS Voiceover-Cash-Machine: We will show you where and how to post your voiceover gigs, and let the clients chase you for your services, and not the other way around.

What type of Speechelo Voices Are There?

Standard Edition Voices

I have read in a number of other articles that you get 30 voices with the Standard edition, the truth is it is more like 60!

1. US English: Billy, Male

2. US English: Rosie, Female

3. US English: Owen – Kid, Male

4. US English: Henry, Male

5. British English: Arthur, Male

6. British English: Beatrix, Female

7. Australian English: Addison, Female

8. Arabic: Mirah, Female

9. Arabic Saudi Arabia – Ayasha, Female

10. Croatian: Marko, Male

11. Czech: Jan, Male

12. Danish: Simonsen, Male

13. Danish: Nora, Female

14. Dutch: Nursel, Female

15. Dutch: Carola, Female

16. French: Thiery, Male

17. French Canadian: Magalie, Female

18. Finnish: Lotta, Female

19. Finnish: Lotta, Female

20. German: Anke, Female

21. German: Martin, Male

22. German: Lina, Female

23. Greek: Georgios, Male

24. Hebrew Israel: Omar, Male

25. Hindi India: Viti, Female

26. Icelandic: Esjar, Male

27. Indian English: Mirai, Female

28. Ireland English: Brennan, Male – EITE

29. Italian: Roberto, Male

30. Italian: Delinda, Female

31. Italian: Valentina, Female

32. Japanese: Takewaki, Female

33. Korean: Yebin, Female

34. Malaysia: Soleh, Male

35. Mandarin: Genji, Female

36. Mandarin: WangJing, Male

37. Norwegian: Erle, Female

38. Norwegian: Nora, Female

39. Polish: Marzena, Female

40. Polish: Zuzanna, Female

41. Portuguese: Júlia, Female

42. Portuguese Brazilian: Leila, Female

43. Portuguese Brazilian: Rafinha, Female

44. Romanian: Dana, Female

45. Russian: Pimen, Male

46. Russian: Svetlana, Female

47. Slovak: Peter, Male

48. Slovenian: Vincenc, Male

49. Spanish, Castilian: Priscilla, Female

50. Spanish, Castilian: Albano, Male

51. Spanish, US: Fiore, Female

52. Spanish, US: Olimpia, Female

53. Spanish, Mexican: Lalita, Female

54. Spanish, Mexican: Leticia, Female

55. Swedish: Rakel, Female

56. Swedish: Barbara, Female

57. Swedish: Andreja, Female

58. Tamil India: Gurnam, Male

59. Telugu India: Laban, Female

60. Thai: Chinda, Female

61. Turkish: Miray, Female

62. Turkish: Handle, Female

63. Welsh: Cerys, Female

Pro Edition Voices

The Pro Edition comes with well over 100 additional voices in various languages so you can reach additional audiences and keep them engaged.

1. US English: Rachel – Kid, Female – PRO

2. US English: Ellie, Female – PRO

3. US English: Chloe, Female – PRO

4. US English: Summer, Female – PRO

5. US English: Grace, Female – PRO

6. US English: Jackson, Male – PRO

7. US English: Andrew, Male – PRO

8. US English: Kennedy, Female – PRO

9. British English: Brooke, Female – PRO

10. British English: Poppy, Female – PRO

11. British English: Harry, Male – PRO

12. British English: Jocelyn, Female – PRO

13. British English: Gemma, Female – PRO

14. Australian English: Hayden, Male – PRO

15. Australian English: Sophie, Female – PRO

16. Australian English: Lucy, Female – PRO

17. Australian English: Violet, Female – PRO

18. Indian English: Kashvi, Female – PRO

19. Indian English: Dulari, Female – PRO

20. Indian English: Mahika, Female – PRO

21. Indian English: Saanvi, Female – PRO

22. Indian English: Rachit, Male – PRO

23. Spanish, Castilian: Rosenda, Female – PRO

24. Spanish, Castilian: Alisia, Female – PRO

25. Spanish, Castilian: Olivia, Female – PRO

26. Spanish, Castilian: Mika, Female – PRO

27. Spanish, Castilian: Thomas, Male – PRO

28. Spanish, Mexican: Margarita, Female – PRO

29. Spanish, Mexican: Miguel, Male – PRO

30. Spanish, US: Herminio, Male – PRO

31. Spanish, Catalan: Estel, Female – PRO

32. Spanish, Catalan: Jacinta, Female – PRO

33. French: Raina, Female – PRO

34. French: Suzette, Female – PRO

35. French: Fini, Female – PRO

36. French: Huguette, Female – PRO

37. French: Margo, Female – PRO

38. French: Lamont, Male – PRO

39. French Canadian: Laurette, Female – PRO

40. French Canadian: Cherie, Female – PRO

41. French Canadian: Gabi, Female – PRO

42. French Switzerland: Denim, Male – PRO

43. Finnish: Mila, Female – PRO

44. German: Christin, Female – PRO

45. German: Monika, Female – PRO

46. German: Uwe, Male – PRO

47. German Austria: Raffael, Male – PRO

48. German Switzerland: Lukas, Male – PRO

49. Italian: Lucia, Female – PRO

50. Italian: Giulio, Male – PRO

51. Italian: Giada, Female – PRO

52. Japanese: Katsuki, Male – PRO

53. Japanese: Taigen, Female – PRO

54. Japanese: Kyoko, Female – PRO

55. Japanese: Masaaki, Male – PRO

56. Japanese: Yubi, Female – PRO

57. Korean: Joo, Female – PRO

58. Korean: Sook, Female – PRO

59. Norwegian: Siv, Female – PRO

60. Polish: Malwina, Female – PRO

61. Polish: Apolinary, Male – PRO

62. Polish: Drugi, Male – PRO

63. Polish: Maja, Female – PRO

64. Portuguese: Luis, Male – PRO

65. Portuguese: Catarina, Female – PRO

66. Portuguese: Rosana, Female – PRO

67. Portuguese Brazilian: Bruna, Female – PRO

68. Portuguese Brazilian: Caio, Male – PRO

69. Portuguese Brazilian: Marcelinho, Male – PRO

70. Portuguese Brazilian: Mafalda, Female – PRO

71. Romanian: Radu, Male – PRO

72. Arabic Egypt: Femi, Female – PRO

73. Arabic Egypt: Rabiah, Female – PRO

74. Arabic Saudi Arabia: Ahmad, Male – PRO

75. Hindi India: Ishank, Male – PRO

76. Hindi India: Amoli, Female – PRO

77. Mandarin: LiQiang, Male – PRO

78. Mandarin: WangMin, Male – PRO

79. Mandarin: Xiaoyou, Male – PRO

80. Mandarin: KaoKao, Female – PRO

81. Mandarin: Xiaoping, Male – PRO

82. Chinese Cantonese: Weijie, Male – PRO

83. Chinese Cantonese: Xinyou, Female

84. Chinese Cantonese: Xiaofen, Female – PRO

85. Chinese Taiwanese: Pèijūn, Female – PRO

86. Chinese Taiwanese: Tíngtíng, Female

87. Chinese Taiwanese: Yùwén, Female – PRO

88. Chinese Taiwanese: Jiāháo, Male – PRO

89. Hungarian: Lajos, Male – PRO

90. Indonesian: Arief, Male – PRO

91. Turkish: Rasheda, Female – PRO

92. Russian: Olesya, Female – PRO

93. Russian: Galina, Female – PRO

94. Russian: Irina, Female – PRO

95. Russian: Konstantin, Male – PRO

96. Icelandic: Dýrleif, Female – PRO

97. Danish: Bente, Female – PRO

98. Danish: Luna, Female – PRO

99. Dutch: Danilio, Male – PRO

100. Dutch: Febe, Female – PRO

101. Bulgarian: Grozdan, Male – PRO


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