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Grammarly vs Grammarly Business: Complete 2024 Comparison

grammarly vs grammarly business

In this honest Grammarly vs Grammarly Business comparison, I’ll give you the lowdown between these two tools anyone can use to enhance their writing skills or improve team communication.

Grammarly is a powerful writing tool widely used for improving grammar, spelling, and overall writing quality. However, Grammarly offers two primary versions: Grammarly for individual users and Grammarly Business.

Grammarly is designed for individual use, focusing on personal writing improvement. Grammarly Business, on the other hand, includes team collaboration features, customizable style guides, and advanced reporting tools for consistent and professional team communication.

grammarly vs grammarly business

This article provides a detailed comparison of these two versions, focusing on their features, benefits, and pricing to help you decide which one suits your needs best.

Grammarly vs Grammarly Business: A Comprehensive Comparison

Key Features and Benefits

When deciding between Grammarly and Grammarly Business, understanding their core features is essential. Both versions offer robust tools for enhancing writing, but they cater to different audiences.

grammaly vs grammarly businessGrammarly (Individual): Comprehensive Writing Assistance

Grammarly for individual users is designed to help freelancers, students, and solo writers. It provides thorough checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation, ensuring your writing is polished and professional. The tone detector helps you convey your message appropriately, whether it’s formal or casual. With integrations for Google Docs and Microsoft Office, it’s a convenient tool for various writing tasks.

According to TechRepublic who advocates for the Grammarly Individul Premium Edition, Grammarly is praised for its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive error detection, making it suitable for various writing needs. Additionally, TechRadar notes that “Grammarly is a must-have tool for writers, helping to eliminate errors and improve overall writing quality.”

Key Features of Grammarly (Individual):

  • Comprehensive grammar and spelling checks
  • Basic plagiarism detection
  • Tone detector for ensuring the right message
  • Integrations with Google Docs and Microsoft Office
  • Monthly reports on writing performance

Gradehacker has a nice video review of Grammarly out on YouTube. I’ll embed it below.

Grammarly Business: Tailored for Teams

grammarly being used by business people

Grammarly Business is designed for teams and enterprises that require consistent and professional communication. It offers advanced features like customizable style guides and brand tones, ensuring all team members adhere to the company’s communication standards. Admin and user management tools provide centralized control, making it easier to manage multiple accounts. Additionally, enhanced security features and detailed reports on team performance make it a comprehensive tool for business environments.

A review by TechRepublic highlights the advantages of Grammarly Business, noting its advanced suggestions and team management features, which are crucial for maintaining a consistent brand voice across communications. Kindlepreneur also emphasizes that Grammarly Business is excellent for teams, providing features like snippets and an analytics dashboard to monitor team performance and improve overall communication quality.

Key Features of Grammarly Business:

  • Customizable style guides
  • Brand tones to maintain consistency
  • Admin and user management
  • Advanced integrations with Slack and Salesforce
  • Enhanced security features (SSO)
  • Detailed reports on team performance
  • Customizable snippets for efficiency
  • Priority email support

Here is Jen from Grammarly’s YouTube Channel who explains the key benefits of Grammarly Business vs Grammarly:

Feature Comparison: Grammarly vs Grammarly Business

Grammarly vs Grammarly Business offers a range of features tailored to different users. Below is a comprehensive comparison table:

Feature Grammarly (Individual) Grammarly Business
Grammar and Spelling Yes Yes
Plagiarism Detection Yes, up to 16 billion web pages Yes, up to 16 billion web pages
Tone Detector Yes, detects tone in emails and documents Yes, detects tone across team communications
Style Guide No Yes, fully customizable
Brand Tones No Yes, define and apply brand tones
Admin and User Management No Yes, centralized control
Centralized Billing No Yes, single billing for all users
Integrations Google Docs, MS Office Google Docs, MS Office, Slack, Salesforce
Security Features Basic Advanced (SSO, advanced security)
Reports and Analytics Monthly reports on writing performance Detailed reports on team performance and writing insights
Customizable Snippets No Yes, create and reuse snippets
Priority Email Support No Yes, 24/7 support
Team Collaboration Tools No Yes, tools to enhance team collaboration
24/7 Customer Support No Yes, available around the clock

Who is Each Tool For?

Choosing between Grammarly vs Grammarly Business depends on the specific needs of various user groups. Below is a table that outlines which tool is best suited for different audiences, along with explanations for why each group would benefit most from the selected tool.

Audience Best Tool Explanation
Younger Students Grammarly Simple interface and essential grammar checks support young learners in writing.
High School Students Grammarly Assists with grammar and spelling, making it ideal for improving writing skills.
College Students Grammarly Offers comprehensive grammar and spelling checks, and plagiarism detection for academic work.
Bloggers Grammarly Provides tone detector and integration with Google Docs for content creation.
Video Creators Grammarly Helps with script writing, ensuring clear and engaging content.
Technical Writers Grammarly Business Helps maintain accuracy and consistency across technical documentation and manuals.
Human Resources Grammarly Business Assists in creating clear and compliant internal and external communications.
Customer Support Teams Grammarly Business Ensures clear, consistent, and professional communication with customers.
Marketers Grammarly Business Advanced integrations with platforms like Slack and Salesforce for cohesive team efforts.
Business Professionals Grammarly Business Includes style guides, brand tones, and admin controls for consistent professional communication.
Large Enterprises Grammarly Business Provides detailed reports and analytics to monitor and improve team performance.

Pricing Comparison: Grammarly vs Grammarly Business

Another critical aspect of choosing between Grammarly vs Grammarly Business is pricing. Here is a detailed pricing comparison:

Plan Grammarly (Individual) Grammarly Business
Free Plan Yes No
Premium Plan $12/month (billed annually) N/A
Business Plan N/A $12.50/user/month (minimum 3 users)
Enterprise Plan N/A Custom Pricing

Grammarly vs Grammarly Business: Which Should You Choose?

Choosing between Grammarly vs Grammarly Business depends on your specific needs. For individual writers, Grammarly offers comprehensive tools at an affordable price. For teams and businesses, Grammarly Business provides advanced features and control, ensuring consistency and professionalism across all communications. Evaluate your requirements and choose the version that best fits your needs.

Grammarly vs Grammarly Business is a common query, and understanding the distinctions can significantly impact your decision. If you are an individual looking for a tool to enhance your writing, Grammarly’s individual plan is ideal. However, if you are part of a team that needs consistent communication standards, Grammarly Business is the better choice.

Final Thoughts on Grammarly vs Grammarly Business

In summary, both Grammarly and Grammarly Business offer powerful features to improve writing quality. The right choice depends on whether you need individual assistance or team-wide writing support. By comparing the features and pricing, you can make an informed decision on whether Grammarly or Grammarly Business is the right tool for you.


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By comparing the features and pricing, you can make an informed decision on whether Grammarly or Grammarly Business is the right tool for you.

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