Knowledgebase Consulting and Systems Implementation Services

As today’s IT help desks and call centers strive to provide the levels of excellence in service that customers demand, a new set of standards is emerging to help better manage knowledge used to solve problems. The most important of these is Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS).

KCS is the industry-standard methodology and set of best practices that seek to:

  • Create content as a byproduct of solving problems

  • Evolve content based on demand and usage

  • Develop a knowledge base of collective experience

  • Recognize learning, collaboration, sharing and improving

With over 20 years and $50 million invested in developing the methodology, KCS has produced significant benefits for support organizations around the world. Among KCS practitioners are giants like Coca-Cola, Nestle, Allstate, Dell, EMC, Ericsson, HP Enterprise,  Oracle, PTC,, and Pfizer.

At Writeinteractive, our team has rare and highly sought after experience in helping organizations reap the benefits of KCS. We are intimately familiar with the latest best practices and tools. Plus, we have strong partnerships with leading knowledge management service providers and vendors. KCS not only makes your customer service agents more productive, it improves both employee and customer experiences with a centralized knowledge hub to create, maintain, and locate relevant information quickly.

Core services

Specific services we provide in this area include:
  • Knowledgebase System Implementation

  • Knowledge Audit

  • Legacy Knowledge Migration

  • Knowledge Content Writing

  • Knowledge Content Editing

  • Knowledgebase Template Design and Branding

  • Information Architecture and Taxonomy Development

Specific deliverables

Examples of deliverables we provide include:
  • Knowledge Audit Findings and Recommendations Report

  • Knowledgebase Systems

  • New Knowledge Articles

  • Improved Knowledge Articles

  • Knowledge Service Packs for Off-the-Shelf Applications

  • Cloud-based Knowledge Hosting

Creative partnerships too...

While we are focused exclusively on providing world-class content, we understand how important it is to communicate that content visually, especially online. Through our excellent working partnerships with leading design firms, we extend our services to offer the visual elements you need to achieve your content goals.

We want to be your digital content partner.

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