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RankIQ Review 2022, Alternatives & Pricing [Rank Higher in Google]

Updated: Mar 25

In this post, I’ll give a thorough RankIQ Review and give you my thoughts on this powerful SEO AI tool after using it pretty extensively for a couple of months.


What is RankIQ?

I have been using RankIQ for about two months now, and I’m honestly not sure how I lived without it before.

This tool is a godsend for any blogger or anyone who wants to optimize content to rank higher in Google search. It has enabled me to focus less on "keyword research" and more on doing what I like best — writing and creating content!

Based on IBM’s Watson AI (artificial intelligence) technology, Rank IQ is an SEO toolset that helps bloggers create optimized content that will give them the best chance of ranking on the first page in Google search.

It does this in a few ways, which I will get into more below.

But in a nutshell, here’s what it is: When you type your keyword into Rank IQ, it runs over 6000 equations in about two minutes. Rank IQ then generates two tabs that tell you what you need to do to optimize your blog post in order to rank well on Google.


Key Features of Rank IQ

Here is a list of the main features of Rank IQ:

  • Keyword Library for Your Niche: This is a professionally researched and hand-picked list of keywords for your niche (more on this in the next section).

  • AI SEO Report: This report gives your post a letter score and identifies areas for improvement in order to compete for a top Google ranking.

  • Suggested Word Count: Rank IQ runs a comprehensive analysis of top blog posts for a keyword and suggests the ideal word count for your post. No more guessing about the ideal length of a post!

  • Topics Google Wants You To Cover: This handy report shows the highest scoring topics for a given keyword. This can help with structuring your post headings and content.

This report is worth its weight in gold in helping to improve your Google rankings.

  • Content Optimizer is a built-in content editor that shows what LSI keywords your post should include relative to the competition. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. These keywords are conceptually related terms that search engines use to deeply understand your content. Include as many of these as you can in a post to make Google fall in love with your content.

  • Title Optimizer: This report includes the keywords that Google likes the most in titles that have the highest click-through rates. This takes the guesswork out of creating titles.

👉Sign up for Rank IQ here.


What Makes Rank IQ Unique?

What sets Rank IQ apart from the other leading keyword tools is that the tool and service includes a low competition, high traffic list of keywords for just about every niche out there.

The company’s founder is the famous blogger and market expert, Brandon Gaille (pronounced Gay-lee). Brandon is a master at keyword research. In fact, I would say he is probably one of the top experts on this subject in the world.

The coolest thing about Rank IQ is that Brandon handpicks a list of keywords on topics in your niche. He does the research and includes the keyword list inside the tool.

And yes, you heard me right. All of Rank IQ customers get access to Brandon’s keyword research on 100s of niches. If your niche isn't already in the tool, Brandon will create a custom list for you.

That's pretty amazing value if you think about it. Before RankIQ, I spent hours and hours doing keyword research. In fact, probably 50% of my time was dedicated to this chore, and I hated it! I found working on this task super annoying when all I wanted to do was write. To make matters worse, I am terrible at it.

I wrote dozens of articles that were too competitive to rank well in Google or simply didn’t have enough search volume to drive significant traffic.

I like to use the analogy that my blog posts were priceless works of art hanging in the janitor’s closet at the Louvre where no one would even see them. Now, armed with Rank IQ and Brandon’s research, I just pick the next article idea from Brandon’s hitlist to write about. I am very confident that Brandon’s keyword topics are ones that will end up on the museum’s art gallery!

If I was to pay a keyword research company or consultant to create a similar list of keywords, I would easily pay $500 to $5,000 dollars. In fact, I did buy such a service a while back for 500. Even better, is you know this research is being done by someone who walks the walk. Brandon has three blogs with over 53,000 Google 1st Page rankings. Here is a summary of Brandon’s Google rankings. I know he has other sites that do well too.

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Clearly, he is doing something right. I am a big fan of Brandon’s and have been listening to his podcast for over a year. He provides a wealth of information for bloggers in his podcast that is 100% free to download. I highly recommend checking him out. His own personal story about overcoming some health challenges and rising to such remarkable success in the blogging world is inspiring. In addition, he just seems like a really good guy. The Podcast is called The Blogging Millionaire. Becoming a millionaire at Blogging is my goal for sure and with Brandon’s keyword list and Rank IQ, I feel like I am finally on my way!


Video Demo and Overview of RanK IQ

Brandon has a nice video demo and overview of Rank IQ here.


Pros and Cons of Rank IQ


  • Done-for-you list of keywords from world-renowned keyword expert.

  • Rank faster and higher on Google by including topics that Google likes from competing posts.

  • Optimize content for both new and old blog posts with the right set of keywords to rank.

  • Content grade system makes improving content easy.

  • Tremendous value for the money (several tools in one).

  • The founder/creator is a fellow blogger - he walks the walk, and I think he seems like a super nice guy.


  • I have to log in to use the tool every time I access it. It won’t save my username and password for some reason.

  • Content optimization tool loses formatting when pasting from Word. I have had better luck with copy/ pasting from WordPress.

  • It takes a good couple of minutes for the algorithm to run all of those calculations on a search term.

👉You can sign up for Rank IQ right here.


Quick Comparison of Leading Keyword Research Tools

The following table compares RankIQ alongside two other popular keyword research tools.


How Much Does Rank IQ Cost?

The tool costs $99, but at the time of this writing, Brandon is offering a special discount for new members at $49.

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So here’s the thing, as a fellow blogger I realize that $99 or even $49 a month is a lot of money for many of us.

However, when you compare the cost to other keyword research tools like SEMRUSH ($119) and ahrefs ($179 for full version), Rank IQ it is far less expensive and much easier to use.

Plus, you get Brandon’s list of keywords for your niche right out of the gate. What’s more, if a list of keywords doesn’t already exist in the tool, Brandon will actually sit down and create it for you! This was the case with me and he created two separate lists for my two blogs in the tech niche. There are more than 300 keyword topics I have to write about between the two niches.

This tool is the real deal and an incredible value in my opinion. I recommend it enthusiastically.


Where to Get RankIQ

👉You can sign up for Rank IQ right here.

This is an affiliate link so if you use it, I thank you kindly!

Don’t forget to specify your niche so Brandon can get started on your keyword list if it doesn’t already exist.


My Rank IQ Review: What Do You Think?

So, what do you think about my RankIQ review?

The tool isn’t perfect and there are few bugs, but it is an incredible value for the investment. Also, the RankIQ team has been super fast to address any technical questions that have come up.

As Brandon is such a guru at keyword research and the tool makes optimizing your content easy (and even fun, I love seeing my score go up in the editor). I’m sure I will see a return on my investment this year.

Please leave me a comment below and let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you.

👉Get $50 Off Rank IQ for a Limited Time

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