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Technical Writing

"Easy reading is damn hard writing." --Nathaniel Hawthorne

WriteInteractive provides accurate, complete, and consistent technical documentation that is user friendly and easy to update. We adhere to widely accepted industry practices and standards in producing technical documents that you will be proud to distribute to your customers and stakeholders. For example, our development methodology for print, electronic, and online documentation is highly modular to enhance content readability, navigability, and re-use. And we are completely tool, vendor, and format neutral—we will use the publishing tools you prefer, or we can recommend tools based on your requirements.

Specific deliverables we provide through our freelance technical writing services include:

Technical Manuals

We will develop technical manuals in your desired format, whether print, electronic, online—or any combination of the three. The following are some examples of the types of technical manuals we can produce for your organization:

  • Installation Guides
  • User Guides and Operation Manuals
  • Administrator Guides
  • Application Programming Interface (API) Manuals
  • Software Readme files
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • Reviewer's Guides (see also Marketing Communications)
  • Quick Reference Guides
  • Human Resource (HR) Policy Manuals and Operational Procedures
  • White Papers
  • Data/Fact Sheets (see also Marketing Communications)

Online Help Systems

As standards for online help continue to evolve, a myriad of tools and format options exist for choosing an online help system. Our freelance technical writing team is familiar with virtually every online help authoring tool and format available today, and we have broad experience in working with software development teams.

Specific online help formats we can help you develop in support of your software applications include:

  • WebHelp Online Help Format
  • Microsoft's HTML Help Online Help Format
  • Microsoft's WinHelp Online Help Format (16 or 32 bit)
  • XML-based Help
  • HTML-based Help
  • Oracle Help Online Help Format
  • JavaHelp Online Help Format
  • Adobe PDF-based Help

For more information, see our Online Help services page.

Content for Software Screens

As web software becomes increasingly interactive, more and more content is appearing on screen. Couple this with the trend of outsourcing application development overseas and the potential for common editorial mistakes to creep into web interfaces increases dramatically. If this sounds familiar, let us review your web application content via a meticulous user interface content audit. For example, we can review application field labels and content areas to suggest revisions based on best practices for technical writing, editing, and usability.

Specific services we provide in this area include:

  • Content for web software "splash" and introductory screens
  • Writing / editing of screen overviews and descriptions
  • Screen-level (context sensitive) online help
  • Integration/editorial of "tool tip" text

Design, Illustration, and More

At WriteInteractive, we are strong believers in the old adage "a picture conveys a thousand words." This is why we offer full-service freelance technical writing services that include screen shots, custom illustrations, and other diagrams as appropriate. We also provide award-winning web design and graphic design services via in-house expertise and through our relationships with leading creative and design agencies.

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Freelance Technical Writing Services 
Freelance Technical Writing Services
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